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What is a GPS/SOS Smart Locator?

The Watch-U GPS Smart Locator is designed for busy families looking for an easy way to stay connected with their children. Today’s families with young children have busy schedules . Parents and caregivers cannot always be with their kids and the GPS Smart Locator provides a simple yet effective voice communication and tracking mechanism to enhance and protect their everyday lives. It uses GPS for premium location capabilities. It also uses the wireless GSM network to transmit those positions to a web-based portal to view those positions. Our unique design provides a one button calling and SOS feature that is pre-programmed with a designated phone number, making it easy for the child to connect with their caregiver immediately. The Watch-U GPS Smart Locator is also extremely useful for the elderly and special needs customers that require a similar solution.


Will the Watch-U GPS Smart Locator work anywhere?

The Watch-U GPS Smart Locator is dependent upon two technologies – GPS (Global Positioning System) and wireless communications or cell phone (GSM). Anywhere you can receive both a GPS signal and have cell phone reception, the product will work. If you are planning on leaving the country, we suggest using a pay as you go sim card . Please keep in mind that different rates apply for different countries.
Can anyone track my Watch-U GPS Smart Locator?

No. When you logon to the Watch-U GPS Tracking Portal, you will be able to list the 10 trusted individuals that you want to receive alerts. You can also designate how you want them to receive the alerts via email and/or text message. You can change or edit these names at any time as needed. If you want them to track your product, you can send them an email request to become an authorized user. The email walks them through setting up their own user name & password. You control who has permission to view your site, their access level and which devices they can monitor.

Is there a list of phones that support the Watch-U GPS Parent App?

Yes, any Android phone that has an operating system of 2.3 or higher, and any iPhone that has an operating system 4.0 or higher.
What happens if there is no 2G or 3G coverage in the area?

The product will not work in any area that does not have 2G or 3G coverage.

Will the Watch-U GPS Smart Locator work anywhere in the United States?

Our system is designed to locate a Watch-U GPS Smart Locator anywhere within the expansive Verizon, AT&T/ T-Mobile service area in the United States and the Rogers Network in Canada. It will also work anywhere in the world that offers GSM network coverage. If the device enters an area without coverage, the GPS feature will not be able to report it’s current location until it re-enters an area with network coverage. Once it reconnects, it will transmit a history of its locations that you can view online.

Will Watch-U GPS Smart Locator work out of the Domestic United States?

Yes. If you are planning on leaving the country, we suggest you purchase a pay as you go sim card. Please keep in mind that different rates apply for different countries.

How can the Watch-U GPS Smart Locator be located?

Our system will allow you to locate your device(s) in three ways: via the Internet; via your web-enabled mobile phone or tablet, or from one of our mobile apps.

Can I track more than one device at a time with the same cell phone?

Yes. You can track as many devices as you’d like.

How many products can I track from my computer?

As long as you are listed as an authorized user for each device, there is no limit to the number of devices you can track.

Can one phone be master of multiple products?


What is the accuracy of the GPS in the Watch-U GPS Smart Locator?

Today’s GPS receivers are extremely accurate, thanks to their parallel multi-channel design. Certain atmospheric factors and other sources of error can affect the accuracy of GPS receivers. The Watch-U GPS Smart Locator is accurate within 10 meters (30 feet) 98% of the time. In an open sky environment, users can see accuracy within a few meters (5-10 feet).

How often would I have to replace my Watch-U GPS Smart Locator?

You should not have to replace the product unless it has been broken or damaged or you wish to upgrade when a newer product is available. The watch uses a rechargeable battery.

Is the product waterproof?

The Watch-U GPS Smart Locator is water resistant but not waterproof.

Are any other languages supported?

English, Spanish, Chinese.

Can the Watch-U GPS Smart Locator be tracked when it is turned off?

No. Similar to a cell phone, when it is turned off it cannot send or receive communications.

What if I lose my phone or change the number?

You can easily update or change your information on our Tracking Portal. You can also change or edit the authorized users.

Do I have to set up a Contact List when I set up my Watch-U GPS Smart Locator profile?

Yes. You can also edit or add to your contact list at any time. Your contact list does not need to be set up initially.

Is it harmful for my child to carry the Watch-U GPS Smart Locator? Does it emit any harmful waves?

No. The Watch-U GPS Smart Locator is less than a cell phone in its EM (electromagnetic emissions).

What happens if my cell phone is turned off and an Alert is sent?

You won’t receive your alerts until your cell phone is connected to the network. Fortunately, we have several modes to deliver important messages to you, SMS, email, phone calls as well as alternate recipients. Note: If customers do not sign up for SMS on their mobile plan, they will not receive any SMS messages from Watch-U GPS.

How can I see my Watch-U GPS Smart Locator history?

The history of your Watch-U GPS Smart Locator can be easily viewed on the Tracking Portal under the History Tab. A 90-day history is visible and downloadable. After that, the history is archived.

Is the speed calculation accurate?

The Watch-U GPS Smart Locator reports a location every 5 minutes depending on how you have it set up, therefore, the speed sampled at that time is the speed that triggers the alert. If a product-wearer speeds in between the sampled times, then no alert will be triggered.

Why do I need to initially take the product outside?

It is strongly suggested that you take your product outside during your set-up process to initially acquire a GPS signal.

When using my mobile smartphone, is there a shortcut to the log-in page?

Yes, if you’re using a mobile product other than iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, launch the mobile browser and bookmark the log-in page.

Can I make an emergency call from my Watch-U GPS Smart Locator?

Yes. A pre-programmed phone number will be called once the SOS button at the center of the product is depressed for several seconds.

What is A-GPS Technology?

A-GPS stands for Assisted Global Positioning System. It enhances the performance of a basic GPS’s location time and accuracy. Compared with regular GPS systems, A-GPS provides much faster positioning even when GPS signal conditions are weak.

What is the cost for monitoring?

The monthly cost for the use of the two-way sms text messaging and voice service is:  $19.99 monthly, that’s less than .68 cents per day.

If you pay one year in advance, you save $30.00 and the yearly cost is:  $150.00.