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Wearable GPS

The GPS/SOS Emergency tracking devices were created out of frustration of the ill-will of today’s society.  With the sexual abuse and assault of women along with the abduction and abuse of children and the elderly, came the brainchild of a female and a mother.

We wanted an safe, yet stylish piece of jewelry that  was small yet powerful in cases of an emergency.

We thought of all the things that would be effective in making us as women and our children feel a little safer in today’s society, such as one touch calling in case of an emergency, having someone know where we are at all times with just a push of a button and stylish where we can wear it with anything.

Our unique and stylish products were designed to be undetected yet beautiful enough to wear everyday. They provide an extra measure of security for children and their parents and women alike.We used cutting edge technology GPS receiver and sim chip in our devices to allow parents and guardians to track, view and locate your loved one with accurate and real time location information.

So, our goal is to make you feel confident knowing that in case of an emergency, you can locate, communicate and listen to your loved and most vulnerable ones.